I started my own business creating original content for the entertainment & animation industry - ask me anything!

My name is Kritika and I am hosting an AMA for films/Writing/Thinking and Arts- Many dreams Single hand

Jan 17, 2018

My name is Joao, I'm a freelancer 3D designer specializing in PBR Textures and Low Poly 3D Modeling. AMA

AMA: Turning Tragedy Into Art: How A Hippopotamus and a Butterfly Healed Me

AMA Poetry Writing, becoming a poet and being a poet in the 21st century

Jan 15, 2018

Founder and Director of Pedestrian Wanderlust, #AMovementMovement and global community of dancers improvising in public spaces. AMA

I'm an animator, concept artist and comics illustrator from South Africa, I currently have a webcomic series running on Webtoons and Patreon which I started recently called Divinus Machina, go ahead AMA

Jan 15, 2018

Hi, my name is John Savoia and I am a fine arts photographer, Ask Me Anything.

Jan 14, 2018


Jan 14, 2018

Professional actor turns to writing/directing to educate others on the signs of depression through narrative film Ask Me Anything

Illustration is my motivation AMA

Jan 14, 2018

AMA - BE GOOD AND SHOW IT - ‘The Art of Creativity for Business’, ‘Finding Meaning in Your Life & Work’ and ‘Creating Good Vibrations’. A book. A website. & A community.

AMA: " THE TALE OF TWO BOOKS " ... by Artist and Author Kevin Curtis Barr

#AMA With Two Kickstarter Artists: Photography, writing, art, travel, and #CrowdfundingAMA about our New Zealand expedition!

I'm a visual artist with depression and anxiety promoting mental health. AMA.

How does the music industry work for media AMA - Join Berklee Alumnus Kelsey Joanne Rogers

Garry Purchase, exploring ancient art in a modern world...ASK ME ANYTHING!!

I am a diverse freelance photographer from Nashville. I do portraiture, events, concerts, long exposure, and astro photography. So excited for you to AMA!

#AMA Artist, Designer, Conceptualist

I’m Sandina: a singer/songwriter and a visionary painter crowdfunding for a music album. Ask Me Anything about Music, Songwriting, Crowdfunding, Visionary art, Independent artist nowadays, Following your own style in arts - even Spiritual journey and Anxiety! Let’s have some fun!

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