#AMA Artist, Designer, Conceptualist

Bashir TruVirgo Brock
Jan 12, 2018

Graphic designer, Visual illustrator, concept designer. 

SeRapHym Sol Shop is all about expressing that inner-voice. Our designs speak to you without words or vocal tonals. Connect with the nostalgic euphoric essence each message puts out. Guaranteed if you accept our invitation, something will speak to you.Ase’

Feel free to check us out.





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How did you start with Seraphim Sol Shop? What made you decide to open this store?

Jan 17, 6:10AM EST0 Reply

Since what age did you start drawing? How did you cultivate your talent throughout the years?

Jan 16, 5:24AM EST0 Reply

How else do you think you can market and sell your items?

Jan 13, 3:07PM EST0 Reply

Did you create all the shirts and sweatshirts designs?

Jan 13, 12:54PM EST0 Reply

How many designs have you in all for your merchandise?

Jan 13, 12:24PM EST0 Reply

Can you tell us about your two superhero characters?

Jan 12, 10:38PM EST0 Reply

How long have you been creating works of arts?

Jan 12, 6:13PM EST0 Reply

Have you undergone some training for skills enhancement in the past?

Jan 12, 4:15PM EST0 Reply

Are you also interested to put up an exhibition where you can showcase all your artwork?

Jan 12, 1:53PM EST0 Reply

Are you trying to publish comic books? How many have you published before?

Jan 12, 11:30AM EST0 Reply

How receptive is the market to your products?

Jan 12, 8:59AM EST0 Reply

What are you doing to be most updated on what's new in the field of arts and business?

Jan 12, 8:46AM EST0 Reply

How many people are you employing for your shops?

Jan 12, 5:21AM EST0 Reply

What else is in store for the JBC Universe? What about for the Seraphim Sol Shop?

Jan 12, 5:03AM EST0 Reply

What other forms of art are you also interested to explore?

Jan 11, 4:35PM EST0 Reply

Where is this career path leading to? What are you doing at present to bring you there?

Jan 11, 3:57PM EST0 Reply

Since when did you commercialize your drawings?

Jan 11, 2:55PM EST0 Reply

Which artwork are you most proud of?

Jan 11, 2:11PM EST0 Reply

Who is your mentor in business?

Jan 11, 10:53AM EST0 Reply

How do you encourage budding artists to be more positive about their works of arts?

Jan 11, 6:53AM EST0 Reply

What book about business is your favorite to read?

Jan 11, 6:49AM EST0 Reply

What is your ultimate goal as an artist?

Jan 11, 6:14AM EST0 Reply
Who is your biggest fan? What influence does this person have on you?
Jan 11, 4:58AM EST0 Reply
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