From trash digger to bling slinger, AMA.

Nov 17, 2017

IDOL Light is an emerging design company exploring the properties of light, glass, and perception. We are located in Philadelphia and just launched our first line of interactive light-centric jewelry on Kickstarter. The jewelry is made from upcycled scientific and dichroic (bi-colored) glass that splits white light and projects colorful geometry onto the wearer and their surroundings.

The glass used to make this jewelry is traditionally found throughout the scientific community in fields like astronomy, engineering, and laser optics. It is in everyday objects like cameras and magnifying glasses, as well as far away places like spacecraft, satellites, and even the moon! The tolerances for this glass are extremelyhigh because the tools they go in are extremely precise. Any imperfection, even those not visible to the naked eye, can render the glass “useless” and it is disposed of. That’s where we come in!

Many think of light as white and objects as having color but in actuality we are swimming in an energetic spectrum of colored light. These modern day talismans are synchronized with vibrant energy and are a reminder of this colorful existence.

Idol.Light says:

This AMA will end Nov 5, 2017 3PM EST

Idol.Light says:

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Idol.Light says:

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How long have you been doing this for?

Nov 19, 10:26PM EST0

Are your supplies coming from locally or international?

Nov 19, 1:51AM EST0

Do you work alone or with a team?

Nov 12, 11:13AM EST0

What is the story behind your digging of trash to bling slinger? 

Nov 10, 8:12AM EST0

So the jewellery you make is of waste glass?

Nov 10, 8:09AM EST0

How did you come up with this idea?

Nov 10, 1:06AM EST0

What motivates you to do this craft?

Nov 1, 2:32PM EDT0

Will you do a wire wrapped piece, or will you use mixed media, adding in other techniques and materials or some other technique?

Oct 26, 7:39AM EDT0

Where are you from?

Oct 25, 12:14PM EDT0

Should Beadwork and Jewelry Making be considered ART or CRAFT?

Oct 24, 6:47PM EDT0

When is enough enough?

Oct 24, 5:33PM EDT0

Did you hire someone to design the jewellery?

Oct 24, 12:43PM EDT0

Do you only create pendants and necklaces at the moment?

Oct 24, 11:23AM EDT0

How do you decide what you want to create?

Oct 24, 10:20AM EDT0

What made you interested in Crafts and Arts?

Oct 24, 8:19AM EDT0

What will be the focal point of the piece?

Oct 24, 8:15AM EDT0

What technique is your favorite?

Oct 24, 7:01AM EDT0

How do you motivate people to buy your creations?

Oct 24, 6:39AM EDT0

What inspired you to start working on this project?

Oct 24, 4:17AM EDT0

What kinds of MATERIALS work well together, and which ones do not?

Oct 24, 2:56AM EDT0

How do you think the recipient will feel when she’s wearing it?

Oct 24, 1:42AM EDT0

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?

Oct 24, 1:36AM EDT0

Do any of your pieces have gold, silver, copper or brass wire?

Oct 23, 11:41PM EDT0

Beyond applying basic techniques, how does the Jewelry Designer evoke an emotional response to their jewelry?

Oct 23, 8:37PM EDT0
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