I'm Xyncomix, a manga ,comicstrip, concept artist, On AMA you can help decide what's on my project priority list. I also accept commissions on request if you ring. If you want to know more, you're free to ASK ME ANYTHING!

Jan 12, 2018

Basically I wish to share with you my work, mostly mangas, comics, concept designs. Since I have a lot of different ideas, I'd love to listen to your opinions and put them into consideration in my projects, but I will prioritize my patrons concerning the final decisions ^_^: https://www.patreon.com/Xyncomix

Current projects

1) Akuma Tenchi

Akuma Tenchi, the manga, is about a knight,

you'll find barely a copper in his tights.

He meets young elf, innocent, but mysterious, 

What is she doing in the wild, all but serious?

There will be special feature in this story,

It's going to be interactive, you'll get some glory!

Because my audience gets some votes

to decide in what direction the story goes!



Also I got some new and old stories in mind,

to work after Akumas Tenchi's 1st chapter is refined.

One Is Upside Down, you can check for it on my blog(https://xyncomics.blogspot.com/),

I might add an extra chapter I had planned in long ago backlog.

Another is "Witch Queen", a one shot fantasy manga, about a witch

and a hunter, who finds himself in a ditch.

I also was caught by inspiration, called Alice Dee.

She's a girl who perceives people in a different degree.

They're all animals, what an odd affliction!

We will see what becomes of this little fiction.

3) Journey Quest

And last but not least, I'm currently also obsessed

with the great webseries Journey Quest!

So many ideas leapt at me, I cannot help,

but draw all kind of fanart, get ready, YELP!

You can check out more information on my projects: patreon.com/Xyncomix/posts?tag=Projects

Social Media:











Of course, if you like my art, I also accept commissions. :3

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Have you published any of your comic books?

Jan 12, 2:17PM EST0

Most of them are available online for free, since I originally just pursued comics as a hobby. There are some printed versions of my oneshots, but only in german, as part of the anthology "A Story To Tell". If you wish to know more, go ahead and ask ^_^.

Jan 12, 2:59PM EST0

Do you have any completed manga or comic series?

Jan 12, 1:53PM EST0

Yes,one is Upside Down(100page+), but only in german. I published that one online. I got a couple of chapters translated to english, if you like to check it out. If there is a sufficient request for translate the whole story to english, it's something I could set as a patreon goal: https://xyncomics.blogspot.de/search/label/Upside%20Down.

I've also published a couple of oneshots, some of them printed in an anthology in germany. If you want more information on those, you can ask ahead. I have some also published on my blog: https://xyncomics.blogspot.de. A lot of my old work is published there. By now I'm a bit embarassed by my old work, but it might give you an impression of my progress as an artist ^_^.

Jan 12, 2:56PM EST0

What is your greatest challenge as a comic artist?

Jan 12, 12:24PM EST0

comic artist... Hmm, depends on what part of it.

I always divide my skills into storytelling skills and artistic skills.

In case of storytelling, I think the greatest challenge is for me to tell a story without relying on text. Like In my story "Upside Down" (https://xyncomics.blogspot.de/2011/04/upside-down-chapter-i.html). Back then I tried out a new way of storytelling, when the text sometimes tells a story different from what is seen in the panels/pictures. Example: the mood of the text is heavy, but the pictures show lighthearted scenes or the other way around. And I often just drop hints at what is really going on only through the visual part. In a way I tried telling the story from two perspectives at once. I think if I were to redraw the story, I could do everything better, but it would still be a great challenge to unify two perspectives without making it too confusing for my readers. 

And concerning my artistic skills, I think my greatest challenge is painting, which I mostly need for cover art. And probably drawing details and accessories, weapons or backgrounds. But I think I'll overcome that part, as soon as I get to draw them more in my stories.

*laughs* I can think of a lot of other things I consider challenging as an artist, so it really depends on what I need to draw the most and have the least experience in.


Jan 12, 12:49PM EST0

When did you start drawing?

Jan 12, 11:29AM EST0

around 20 years ago ! At least if you count doodling unicorns, anime and random stuff during school lessons and at home as drawing ^_^.

Jan 12, 11:51AM EST0

What does comics and manga mean to you? What was life before manga?

Jan 12, 8:58AM EST0

there was no life without manga/comics!

On a more serious note: Since I grew up in an environment that was judgemental towards artists as a job, I did a lot of other stuff before pursuing this as a career. But it never felt like I was doing something with purpose. Like floating with the wind. 

So you could say I consider mangas/comics and writing the purpose of my existence :3. 

Jan 12, 10:04AM EST0

Are you willing to sell your manga stories?

Jan 12, 8:13AM EST0

Yes, for a fair price.

Although I'd also love to keep one project open to interacting with my audience. I'd love to see what a story would be like, in which I try to have you a voice in what direction the manga goes.

Jan 12, 8:18AM EST0

What is the first thing you would do with funds for your manga?

Jan 12, 5:20AM EST0

Drawing more manga!!!

Or get more equipment to speed up my work process. I still work with a wacuom intuos but I assume I could work a lot faster with a wacom cintiq.

Jan 12, 8:16AM EST0
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How many mangas have you written? Do you have plans to write more?

Jan 12, 5:01AM EST0

So far I only completed one 100+ page manga online and a couple of one shots, but yes, I intend on writing a looot more.

And yes, I do plan to write more. I have so many ideas I doubt I can draw all of them by myself in my lifetime. I do sometimes play with the thought of looking for another willing artist to work with so I can get a lot more done. 

Jan 12, 8:14AM EST0

Are you willing to animate your manga?

Jan 11, 7:17PM EST0

animating as in animating it myself? I did  have a look at animation before. But I just tried some very basic stuff. Enough to know I would need time to study software and basic animation before I could come up with something decent. And I'm not sure if I have the time to first study and then actually animate this by myself AND also work on the comics. 

If I had someone else willing to help me animate, that'd be a different issue, though ^_^

Jan 12, 8:10AM EST0

How many years have you been drawing?

Jan 11, 4:33PM EST0

As a hobby? 20 years! But during my school days I did not actually really know what I was doing XD.

Jan 11, 5:31PM EST0

Do you produce manga full time?

Jan 11, 2:55PM EST0

No, currently I spend a lot of my time to get my work out there and promote. Also I switch between different projects to find out what people want me to work on :3. And not all of these projects are manga related. Like my illustration or comicstrip project.

Jan 11, 5:36PM EST0

Do you draw for other comic writers too?

Jan 11, 10:53AM EST0

I probably would if there was good synergy between me, the comic project and the writer. And of course it also depends on the conditions of the collaboration, if I could currently do it :3

I did collaborate with one author for a comic competition, and I wanted to work on doing a manga version for someone else story, but I could not juggle around both my studies and such a long term project at the time.

Although as a fun side project I do currently plan on illustrating a childrens' book for another author.

Jan 11, 2:32PM EST0
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Where do you source your storyline's inspiration?

Jan 11, 6:13AM EST0

The wind, the trees and the quiet murmuring of the wind... or the  trickling drops when I'm in the shower whisper to me of great tales.

But more often my inspiration comes from being inspired by other peoples' stories, real or fiction... or frustration with a story that left me unsatisfied.

Once I get the idea for a plot and the characters, the rest is like problemsolving. And messing with the characters. Which is surprisingly fun.

Jan 11, 2:19PM EST0

Which market are your comics and manga targetting at?

Jan 10, 6:22AM EST0

Most of my mangas are aimed at young adults/adults. I have a tendency to go for action, fantasy, supernatural and mystery. I do not aim to limit any of my works down to a particular gender group though. I do have some ideas for romance comics as well, but that genre is a bit of a challenge for me (Maybe cause I do not like using clichee romance schemes and try to come up with something new. Which is hard to do since well... there's so much romance out there already ^_^).

The comic strip series Alice Dee I got planned on the other side will be aimed at people of all ages though, who like humoristic work and animals!

Jan 10, 8:40AM EST0

Are you the only one who does all the production of the manga?

Jan 10, 1:04AM EST0

Yes, I currently do produce everything by myself :3. Although the original idea was inspired by someone else's RPG character bios( no worries, I got permission to run with it as I wish), I am the one who gets to write, script, give the characters a world to interact with and draw everything. 

Since I do everything by myself, sometimes I get curious though what it'd be like to coproduce a manga with someone else though :3.

Jan 10, 4:45AM EST1

Is Akuma Tenchi complete and publish-ready?

Jan 10, 12:48AM EST0

Well, since it is a work in progress it has not been completed yet. Since I wanted to try making this story an interactive project, in which my audience can occasionally influence in what direction the story goes, I kept the details of the story open.

However, it is possible that I might eventually publish and have it printed at some point, depending on how it works out as a project^_^. 

Jan 10, 4:38AM EST0
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How many issues are there in each of your comics?

Jan 9, 11:03PM EST0

Well if you talk about length and format, that is hard to say, because that depends on the comics. Currently I have only completed Upside Down, which I used to publish online a couple of years agi (100page, manga format, each chapter around 12 pages, 9 chapters)

But it really depends on what I work on, because every story demands a different length to be told in my opinion.(Although currently I would not plan anything longer than 6 standard manga volumes.)

If you were asking about issues in the sense of what problems I face, ASK ME ANYTHING AGAIN ^_^

Jan 10, 4:32AM EST0

What influences your ideas for the comics?

Jan 9, 6:41PM EST0

I read a lot of different books, afterall I used to study literature and philosophy, which is a great source for ideas. And I also get influenced by movies and comics, and even games, at times.

Amongst all these medias what might influence my storytelling the most are those stories, that put a bit of a fantastic spin to reality, presented like two equally valuable perspectives of viewing the world. And to me that can be part of an idea :3.

On the other side, my inspiration for the content of my comics is influenced by pretty much everything. It can range from some philosophical idea I read about thoroughly to inspiration that hit me  while I was in the shower :P. Or just curiousity about something very trivial.

Jan 10, 4:22AM EST0

What does Alina Tenchi mean? Why use the name?

Jan 9, 12:37PM EST0

Akuma Tenchi is japanese and translated it means "Demon Angel". I did not really come up with that name, it used to be part of someone else's RPG character bio. I liked the sound of it, since it's intriguing, filled with premonition and hints at epic development :3 and you start wondering. Since you asked for its meaning, I suppose the title fulfilled its purpose of raising curiousity^_^. 

Jan 9, 1:16PM EST0

What makes Akuma Tenchi unique compared to any other character out there?

Jan 9, 11:54AM EST0

I'm afraid I can't answer that question too well without SPOILER alert. 

I can try to sum it up like this. The way she sees the world is at the start like a child's in her essence. And I think she has a lot of potential as growing and changing as a character in depth, because it's hard to say in what direction she will go. Most characters have some kind of ethic or characteristic that defines them, so they are often limited to delevoping in more specified directions. Akenchi on the other side is less defined than most characters because she almost starts from zero, because of the way she grew up.

I'm sorry to have to keep it so vague, but I cannot tell you more without giving away the story :3.

Jan 9, 12:08PM EST0
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Do you draw real-life events also?

Jan 9, 9:22AM EST0

If you talk about drawing comics based on a real life, I haven't done that so far.

What I do is take inspiration from real life, sometimes a piece of history here, or work something I saw into the story. But I think my imagination takes it too far to answer this question with a yes. It might be interesting to try, though ^_^. Afterall a lot of interesting stuff happens in real life, as history shows :3(Just take a look at those war histories! I could have never come up with what happened in those!). 

Jan 9, 11:12AM EST0

What is the best thing about Akuma Tenchi?

Jan 9, 9:07AM EST0

Aside from the characters, the humor, the epic story and awesome fights ^_^? 

Of course I try to make everything about the story the best, so that's hard to answer!

But I can say the most interesting feature to you as my audience is probably this: I wanted to try making Akuma Tenchi an "interactive comic"-project. Which means my audience will have some influence in what directions this story might go(Of course my patrons will get special major voting rights! :P) During the planning phase of the next chapter, I would make a time limited poll to give you options to pick. Example: "In the next chapter there will be a duel fighting scene. What kind of weapon do you want the opponent to use?

A: Axe

B: Sword and Shield

C: Daggers

D: Staff

If you have more questions concerning this, ASK AHEAD :3.

Jan 9, 11:01AM EST0
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Which manga artist or series inspires you?

Jan 9, 7:54AM EST0

I think the greatest influence on me is CLAMP, because of the following reasons: They were the first manga authors to surprise me with their amazing sense for interesting story twists. I got even more hooked because they did not focus on single genres like most authors(magical girl, fantasy, horror mystery, shounen, action, romance).  But what I loved most about their works is how they managed to create these interlaced crossover stories. The best example for that is: Xxxholic and Tsubasa chronicles. Those two manga series can stand on their own, but it is even more enjoyable to read if you know both of them. And they keep referencing to other stories they've published before :3, which makes a long time fan like me go all nerdy. 

Of course there are many other influences, but since there are so many, the rest of my list would be really, reaaaallly long!

Jan 9, 8:14AM EST0

What messages do you pass across through your drawings?

Jan 9, 6:07AM EST0

In both my comics and illustrations I try to convey the character's mood, relationship and, if possible, add small details to show that the characters actually interact with their surroundings, to give more context. Afterall we do not only interact with people, we also interact with a physical world :3 

Jan 9, 7:59AM EST0

How do you plan on competing with other manga series?

Jan 9, 3:52AM EST0

Always depends in what genre. I put an emphasis on different aspects, depending on what I tell.

In the fantasy genre for example I'm always about creating a unique setting, the world and its unique set of rules, and how the characters act in that world. And yeah, I do dare say that I got some pretty interesting settings in my stories, which will show through in my planned "Witch Queen" one shot. If you wish to know more about it, just ask again ^_^. 

I also try to add a lot of thought in how the character's attitude shows through visually and in conversation, adding small details both in how they talk and how they act with their surroundings. In Akuma Tenchi a lot about her character is shown through her incredible naivity and wonder. She has not specifically mentioned anything about herself yet, but it becomes clear she grew up somewhere far away from the human world.

My psychological/ drama manga stories' strong points on the other side is my storytelling. For example in my Upside Down-manga a lot about the psychology and history of the characters is told through visuals. There is also little actual two sided interaction. I did this to keep my readers guessing, like in a detective story, what that character might be thinking or what the background of the character might be. With so little interaction I needed one protagonist, who assists the reader in solving they story. In Upside Down this character is the all knowing playful demoness, who incites development and hints at what's happening, as an all observing character who sees through it all. 

And of course, in order to keep the story interesting, I try to use the occasional twist ^_^.

Jan 9, 4:55AM EST0
What would you call your best work?
Jan 8, 10:52PM EST0

As a digital artist? I'm most proud of some of my concept designs, since that was the most creative part of my job. Although the very best ones I did in my free time. Here's a small collection:

As a comic artist? Well... I only recently started pursuing this as a career again, if it's about actual completed works. So all I can mention is comics I did a couple of years ago. I'd pick Upside Down(over 100 pages), since i's pretty unique and interesting. The artwork is very outdated by now and was not very consistent back then. There are some chapters I did not manage to draw the way I wanted, but the idea, storytelling and characters? I still love them. I indeed like the story so much I thought about adding an extra chapter or finish the one extra I started. If you're curious, you can find some chapters on: https://xyncomics.blogspot.com/

But hopefully I can call one of my current projects, like Akuma Tenchi, my best work in the future :3.

Jan 9, 5:29AM EST0
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